Professional Hair and Make-up artist


Trial make-up


This is for whenever it's convenient for you before your wedding day.

For the trial, we get together at my home or your choice of venue. We will discuss your wedding and your make-up requirements. The trial takes 1-1.5hrs as I like to get the feel of what your needs are. I will start off with a light natural application then slowly build up colour as everyone has a different idea of what natural is and it is important that you are comfortable on the day, but  remember that one needs to enhance your features for the photographs as these are forever.  R400.00

On the big day 

I'll arrive at your home (or venue) at the agreed time. It's best to do hair first, then make-up. Please allow +- 45 - 60 minutes for the bride, and 30 minutes for any additional ladies. R650.00

False lashes Half: R80.00 Full R120.00

Bridesmaid, Moms and additional ladies:

R350.00 per person 5+ pay R300.00 per person

If there are less than 4 faces to be done other than the bride, a petrol fee will be charged.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with eyebrows. I’m drawn to how they can change a face. If you ever hesitate or quiver at the idea of changing  one’s brow shape, one only needs to think of Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn or Linda Evangelista to realise how altering the shape can help create a signature look.


Ladies this is one of the most important steps of your make-over if not THE most important. And should not be neglected . The eyebrow is the ‘beginning” of ones face and frames our eyes. When shaped correctly they change the eye completely, creating an upward and opening illusion which makes you look more youthful and add a really elegant touch to the face.


The brow should start in line with the tear duct and end more or less on a line running through the corner of the eye and the nose.
The ideal eyebrow shape, is when it is slightly square in the beginning with a clean and neat base line that slants upward (two thirds of the brow length) to create a graceful arch, this line then gradually thins into a tapered point as it declines.

Eyebrow shape and define: R100.00     Reshape and define: R60.00

Lash and Brow Tint/Bleach: R120.00    


Make-over Lessons


Make-over lesson 

A one on one 1.5 hour session, where I teach you how to enhance YOUR natural beauty. I start with skin care and eyebrows all the way to beautiful eyes and perfect lips. Not forgetting how to transform your natural day look into evening, with all the do’s and don’ts. What colours to wear and how to create illusion, balance and harmony on your face by applying make-up in the right places. Make over lesson - R450.00


Hands on make over lesson


This 3 hour lesson is based on the Make-over lesson, but offers a more "hands-on" approach.  I will teach you while applying the make-up to the one half of your face, after which you repeat the application on the other, half of your face.  The cost of the "hands-on" make-over lesson - R600.



Define your cheekbone:

You'll need 2 shades of blush with the same undertone, brush the darker of the 2 shades directly underneath your cheekbones and the brighter shade on the apples of your cheeks, this will add youth to your skin. In the evening add a highlighter to to the cheekbone above the darker shade mentioned first.

Make your nose look narrower:

Use a pressed powder that's slightly lighter then your skin tone and apply it from the bridge of your nose straight down to the tip. Then pat a slightly darker pressed powder or matte bronzer along the sides of the nose. 

Round Face:

Choose two tones of loose powder, one a shade darker then your skin tone (you can even use a matte bronzer which is a stunning product to have in your kit), one a shade lighter. Dust the darker shade along your jawbone from ear to ear. Blend with the lighter color to soften the edges. Extend both colors down the neck to avoid lines.



Make-up Artistry training

    Ten day course:

  • Cost R6000.00 full time course in 10 days 09h00-13h00
  • Includes all use of make-up products
  • Choice of subjects below 
  • Bring own models to work on (this helps you to get to know different features)
  • Please bring facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye make-up remover, tissues, towel, earbuds, cotton buds.
  • Brushkit at an additional cost available from me.




Individual Lessons:

  • Choice of subjects below
  • Cost R650.00 per day 09h00 13h00
  • All use of professional products
  • All tools ie. Brush kit, wedges, powder puff etc at own cost avail from
  • Bring own models to work on
  • Please bring facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye make-up remover, tissues, towel, earbuds, cotton buds.


    Choice of lessons:


  1. Introduction to make-up - Hygiene, tools and background on products M.A.C & Studio make-up 
  2. Foundation, concealer, powder and brow defining - Matching color, skin type, color correctors, application
  3. Eye shadow - Black shadows blending techniques, diff eye shapes, correcting, textures of eye shadow, liners and mascara
  4. Corrective make-up (correcting features using highlighting and shading contours)
  5. Colour theory (Neutral, warm and cool tones / secondary and complimentary colours and the effects thereof)
  6. Technical lesson (checking brushstrokes, pressure etc). Natural make up, Day and evening applications.
  7. Photography - Different effects of Lighting, Film VS. Digital
  8. Bridal - Glamorous
  9. Ethnic and Indian skin tone.
  10. Creative applications
  11. Fashion Industry (how it works and how to present a portfolio)
  12. Fashion week _ramp, cat eye.
  13. Television, film and commercial
  14. Period make-up (1920s 2000's
  15. Avante garde/ high fashion and the difference between the two)


When deciding on subjects remember WHAT exactly it is you would like to specialize in. I recommend numbers 1-9 as this will be ideal for make-overs and bridal. If you would like to further your career in the Fashion world it will take much longer to develop a skill as this requires more creativity and skill.


Please remember Make-up is not as easy as one thinks so it will take commitment and lots of practise to master the art.

For futher enquiries please  contact me.


Fashion, photographic & TV


Fashion make-up with all the latest trends where there are no rules!

Rates upon request.


Matric dances


Matric dances and special occasions R400.00

Lash Extensions


Please enquire about pricing.




Basic hair styling can be additional to make-up on shoots as well as priced on it's own.

Rates on request.




Studio and location shoots

Moms to be, Babies, toddlers, before & afters and family potraits.

Rates on request